this page is is fairly old and no longer really represents a strategy of eXe development. Some of these ideas have been implemented already. There is, for example, a plug-in iDevice for creating Moodle specific discussion forums available from Eduforge ( -- BrentSimpson 2006-04-18T05:10:51Z

Ideas concerning a Moodle specific export for eXe

We believe that it is possible to add value to the suite of authoring tools currently available for generating Moodle content. In this regard, we are keen to develop a Moodle specific export in eXe. We think that this will have a number of advantages, for example:

  • The ability to author rich web-content offline for import into a Moodle course;
  • The ability to provide links to discussion forums that are embedded in the web-content itself, so as to launch a Moodle discussion.
  • Provide a richer export than is currently available with standard SCORM content packaging.

Current way of importing eXe content in Moodle

Users author webcontent in eXe and export as a SCORM package. Under a particular topic or week, the Moodler then adds a SCORM "activity" using Moodle's SCORM module. This works rather well as illustrated by the Screenshots below. The content displayed was generated by eXe (Release 0.3)

Current shortcomings with this approach

A Moodler using eXe to author web-content for import does not have the ability to edit Moodle specific requirements offline, for example:

  • The Topic or week title;
  • Introductory text under the Topic/week heading;
  • Authoring the lable of the SCORM resource link that appears in Moodle;
  • The ability to setup a discussion forum, offline relating to this Topic/week SCO;

We are anticipating a large number of New Zealand based Moodlers resulting from the NZOSVLE project that will be using eXe as a content authoring tool. Therefore we are keen to explore solutions for adding value to both eXe and Moodle.

Ideas for an "eXe" import module?

We think that it is possible to automate a number of steps for importing eXe content into Moodle, but at the same time addressing the shortcomings listed above. With this in mind, we are thinking about:

  • Developing a Moodle skin in the preview mode of eXe for offline editing of the topic title, introductory text, label or title for the SCO, setting up a discussion forum activity.
  • We would only activate those links on the Moodle skin in eXe that is required to achieve the functionality above.
  • Work on specifying the requirements for an eXe import module building on the SCORM module engine.
  • Evaluate the feasibility of developing an eXe import module for Moodle.

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