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Increased usage of content authoring tools like eXe and other simple multimedia authoring tools like Concept Tutor, video and photo enabled phones, podcasts, etc., necessitate that institutions install Learning Object Repositories to store, catalogue, and distribute these objects/artifacts. eXe develops a XUL interface to institutional Learning Object repositories to enable search and incorporation of learning objects into eXe content. Similarly, eXe enables publishing back into repository as well as facilitating automated and user defined metadata creation.

Scenario summary

User in a chemistry faculty is creating content on the subject of genetics and knows that the department of Bioinfomatics has a collection of java applets that demostrate a particularly difficulty area; she is using eXe to author this content. Her version of eXe has been setup to access the institutional learning object repository where these applets are stored. She connects to the repository where she is automatically asked if she wishes to do a search using the keywords "genetics" (the system knows this from the metadata contained inside the package she is currently working on); she answers yes but modifies the search to look for java applets and is presented with a list of available applets on genetics from which to choose from. She reads the descriptions (that are part of the metadata of objects in the repository) and selects the appropriate applet. This applet is then downloaded to her machine and available to be embedded as part of her content.


User has access to Learning Object repository.


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