Audacity - simplest and easiest to use for someone starting out doing podcasts.

Skype - easy for people to use, part. windows users. a lot of people already have installed. Cons of Skype: not open source, can't interface with other systems, no native recording. Skype has huge mindshare - people know what it is.

SIP phones (linphone) - open protocol. not firefall friendly; not easy to install/setup.

Vsound library - for recording.

Dealing with People

people need to be dragged into the limelight. not comfortable getting out and talking about their projects.

people will listen, but they won't talk back unless they have something to complain about. :-)

Pimping your Pod

  • blog about it.
  • register with as many podcast directories as you can.
  • stay active in the community you are trying to court
  • get articles written about you
  • run naked across a major sporting event with your URL written on your back.
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