This diagram is from the SCORM activity module in Moodle by Bobo; you can find it in the mod/scorm/ directory in Moodle 1.5:

Insert and Update an activity:

mod.html <-- onsubmit --> validate.php (-- include --> validatordomxml.php)
   ||   \
   ||    \
 submit  load
   ||      \
   ||       \
   \/     request.js

We would need to add an include into Moodle's validate.php that called functions to search SCORM content packages for a forumanifest.xml file. If located, Moodle would use this to automatically instantiate a Moodle forum and populate it with 1 or more discussions. If not found then nothing happens and processing proceeds as normal.

If a forumanifest.xml file is found in the package and a forum and discussion is created, there would also need to be a routine set up to parse all the Discussion Forum iDevices from each SCOs and rewrite our discussion link placeholders with the actual url determined from the setting up of the forum & discussions.

It is also possible that a forum already exists and the user just needs to create a discussion within this forum. We'll need to should include some facility for this type of situation. Perhaps if a Forum by the name requested already exists then that forum is used and just the discussion is added.

Errors would need to be reported in usual Moodle fashion.


While this particular functionality would initially be Moodle specific it should not break packages that are imported into other systems, thereby not interfering with interoperability. Other systems are free to implement similar functionality. It would be ideal to be able to create one forummanifest.xml type file that was understood by most systems.

The following is a list of known LMS systems that include some support for SCORM or IMS Content Packages. If you are a developer for any of these systems please feel free to submit an XML file that captures (or just a list of) required fields for your particular LMS

Include(eXe_and_the_power_of_interoperable_discussion_forums, 'Submitted XML files', ,from="##start", to="##end")?

Talking with your LMS

Another way to go about some of this may be to have users of eXe enter their login/password data for Moodle or whatever LMS they are using into a kind of personal preferences area. If eXe was then online and the user added a Discussion Forum iDevice, it could check with the LMS before hand and return a list of available Forums in which to create the discussion. The user could then just pick a forum in which to add the discussion and our processing would just need to create the discussion (rather than the forum and the discussion) and rewrite the URLs in each SCO that included the Discussion Forum iDevice. Users could perhaps setup eXe for any type of LMS they were using to perform similar functionality. eXe could also use this information to present Discussion Forum iDevices personalized to that particular system.


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