The past year of eXe development has created a fairly solid base; a significant aspect of this base has been that the technology functions almost totally offline (with the exception of Wikipedia iDevice). It is arguably now time to turn development and functionality of eXe back towards the network. Development could not have happened in reverse; ie., we could not have gone from a networked/web application to an offline one, but we can go the other way and utilise the benefits of networking eXe.

Some ideas are:

changing the file format of eXe into XML will mean that we can more easily transfer either all or part of eXe packages with other eXe users. Possibly this could be achieved synchronously.

incorporating Chat into eXe (Jabber protocol). See the Gobby collaborative editor for an example of how this could work. Possibly even extending this towards VOIP. See Allpeers, built on Firefox (

Incorporate the ability to automate publishing. Can use either FTP or perhaps investigate some other publishing protocols like Atom Publishing Protocol.


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