There was a significant amount of clarification in the IMS CP v1.1.4 release. IMS CP v1.1.4 was released in Nov 2004. All directly referenced XSDs must be at the root of the package. The xsi:schemaLocation can point to anywhere but the XSDs must still be held locally even when online validation is being used.


<manifest xmlns=""
identifier="Manifest01" version="IMS  CP 1.1.3">

The 'version' attribute is optional.

We are now including all referenced XSDs in our packages for both IMS Content Packages and SCORM 1.2 brent

Addition of Metadata

Have implemented the inclusion of "Qualified Dublin Core" metadata to both IMS Content Package and SCORM 1.2 exports. Metadata is referenced to an external file (dublincore.xml) from within the imsmanifest.xml file. For IMS Content Packages this meant adding the adlcp namespace in order to use adlcp:location to reference this file.

Qualified Dublin Core was chosen because we have no (or little) idea of what our end users are doing with content generated by eXe and DC is the easiest to transform/crosswalk.

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