We are currently focusing on implementing SCORM 1.2 and IMS Content Packaging 1.1.3

SCORM Import Screenshots - SCORM packages generated by eXe imported into 12 LMSs.

Notes on SCORM RTE Book

SCORM Matrix

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SCORM Technical Issues

IMS Content Packaging

Things we've noticed about Content Packaging:

  • Reload doesn't handle identifiers with multiple dots, eg. "2.3.1" although that should still be a valid xs:ID field.
  • The prototype was outputing multiple organizations, should nest items.
  • WebCT doesn't handle multiple organizations well. It replaced the name of the last item with the 2nd organization name.
  • Trouble importing SCORM into Wintec WebCT if we use the manifest attributes from Reload, the ones from the prototype work.

Have removed all metadata from both our SCORM and IMS Content Packages; will look at implementing at a later date when the metadata editor is working. -- Metadata is back .... needs more testing

Move over Reload. eXe is being quoted as a reference for IMS comliance...

Comment by Stephen Marquard [07-Feb-2006 06:16] It would be ideal to have both SCORM and IMS-CP content import. Melete currently supports IMS-CP but only in a limited way (some schemas), and doesn't support depth of > 2 levels.

Such support should be tested with offline structured content editors, including eXe ("

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