We now currently support the authoring of Dublin Core Metadata through the Properties > Metadata tabs. Metadata is exported as a seperate file with both SCORM and IMS exports. Will look into also making available for Web export.

brent [Date(2005-06-01T23:06:39Z)?] - it looks like the schemaLocation value that specifies where the XSD for the name space can be found (e.g. "mydctags dcschema.xsd") should be a local reference, because you must include the XSD with the other control documents in the root directory of the package. (see: ). I think actually that content generated from Reload actually does this; perhaps we should too...?
We are doing this now. -- BrentSimpson DateTime(2006-05-16T22:48:40Z)?

In Moodle

One problem has been that in the ADL example found on they use a button/quiz at the very end to call the doContinue('completed')function from SCOFunctions.js in order to register that the learner has completed this SCO. In our case we don't have this kind of trigger, so I just wrote the call to this function inline like this:

<script language="javascript"> loadPage(); doContinue('completed');</script>

seems to work ok on Moodle, but may also be the cause of some strange functionality of having the completed check mark show up sometimes one page ahead of where you're at, then break on the last page. Seems a little strange to be calling loadPage() twice on one page.

In Blackboard

Blackboard doesn't like our adlcp:scormType="sco" or the namespace associated with this. Need to research this w/ Blackboard developers.


It has been reported on the eXe forums that WebCT 4.1 only supports IMS 1.1.2 ... we are exporting 1.1.3. Apparently WebCT Campus 6.0 works fine.


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