This matrix is not well maintained and needs an update.

LMS/SCORM Player Import Unicode Support Notes
Moodle yes Moodle 1.6 now supports Unicode everywhere! So far the best import we've seen; supports some advanced SCORM functionality like tracking and scoring of quizzes. We have implemented simple tracking of SCO completion and SCORM iDevice works.
WebCT yes Does not support Unicode Does not like our Metadata (see Reload site in regards to this similar issue)
We also had to remove the scormType and the adl namespace. Needs more investigation/research.
Blackboard yes Only works if we remove the scormType and the adl namespace from the imsmanifest.xml
Atutor yes But returns javascript error "Sorry, LiveConnect? does not work."
DoceboLMS yes
Dokeos yes yes some tracking working, records Time as well; SCORM quiz iDevice working well - records scores.
Ilias yes yes. displays fine and some tracking working; few problems with display of some nodes on 'first click' - probably to do with tracking. Needs further investigation.
Reload yes
TinyLMS yes Reports an invalid manifest, but imports nevertheless. Displays all iDevices. As could be expected from a CD-based LMS, score keeping is an issue.
Aspen yes Imports well. Displays all iDevices, tracking and statuschecking is communicated well to the LMS. SCORM quiz iDevice is the only one not working.
Formagri/Ceres? yes all tracking working, with all interactions.
attachment:matrix.gif not yet
babelfish not included SCORM packages are jacked straight into your cerebral cortex; none of that pesky reading required :)

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