Drafting a Feature Request Survey (for after release 1.0)

We have been notified that eXe has made the final short list for a further round of funding after Release 1.0 in April 2006.

Tairawhiti Polytechnic in Gisborne will lead the eXe II project and will include a development hub in Auckland located at the Auckland University of Technology. An international advisory group is being established to assist with communicating international development priorities for consideration by the New Zealand User Group.

We are planning to conduct an online survey to help the eXe II project prioritise feature requests for development. This will be divided into two phases:

  • Phase 1: Compiling a feature request list using submissions made in the forums, requests submitted during the evaluation of Release 0.10 and individual submissions on this wiki.
  • Phase 2: Conducting an online survey for the eXe community to indicate their priorities.

The wiki page below is being used for the compilation of the feature request list (Phase 1). Members of the eXe community have an open invitation to add any items they would like to include on the feature request list.


Feature Request Status Table (From release 0.4 survey)

The feature requests listed below were recommended by the community on the eXe online survey form. These are prioritised by a Usergroup comprising representatives from the New Zealand teriarty education sector. The Usergroup meets every two or three months to assist the eXe development team with ranking priorities for each release of eXe. You can download agendas, minutes and other documents relating to the eXe in the document area for the project.

<rowbgcolor="#FFFFE0">Feature DescriptionStatusRequest from release
As an integrated SCORM and QTI authoring tool with export facility for individual SCORM and QTI packages.promoted to issue tracker0.4
A double-clickable Mac OSX installer. I'd like it to be capable of installing and running as a non-admin user, which would allow me to distribute it to interested teachers without having to install it myself.requirement0.4
XML exportpromoted to issue tracker0.4
PDF requirement0.4
RTF exportpromoted to issue tracker0.4
media integrationrequirement0.4
Increased metadata supportpromoted to issue tracker0.4
Document access and quiz result development0.4
Simple moving objects, e.g. fly ins etc.not planned0.4
Quiz editorIn development0.4
some games( flash, javascript )not planned0.4
Je souhaiterais savoir si techniquement il est possible d'amèliorer la barre des outils afin d'augmenter ou de diminuer les polices, les couleurs, centrer, justifier, etcNoted0.5
Support for video and audio files - made in the same way like the support for imagesin development0.5
different kinds of quizzesin development0.5
Have image+text ID with the ability to have image on left or right.Complete0.5
Handle Maori macrons Released0.5
Ability to create a Maori dictionary with soundpotential idevice0.5
An Insert menu for iDevices and possibly a toolbar containing icons of the most commonly used iDevices and possibly planned0.5
groupings of iDevices (tree view under iDevice Pane and sub-menu from main menu) e.g. Questions, Media More media iDevices for flash, audio, video (I will get started if there is any guidance)planned0.5
Right-click context menus on the outline pane (Rename, Delete, Move Up, Move Down, New Page Under, New Page Alongside)Planned0.5
option of displaying advanced options for images e.g. Alignment, ALT, Caption although I understand that this is aimed at people with low web skills.Noted0.5
My thoughts are that we need some kind of contextual menu available for iDevices; ie. a right-click will provide a menu to: view metadata, preview iDevice, delete iDevice, etc...planned0.5
Both LH nav link and page title are the same name. Unable to have alias name for LH nav link.promoted to issue tracker0.6
Can’t yet assign an anchor to a page.promoted to issue tracker0.6
Browse Server button in link window went to a page saying “no such resource”. Not sure what this is supposed to do otherwise.Noted0.6
The tree root named “Home” is confusing to users because they will assume that this is the first main navigation link in a series of navigation links at the same level in the hierarchy. However they can’t add any other pages at the same level. In Marketing for Managers I had to add a child to “Home” which I happened to also name it “Home”, and at the same level I added “Assessment”. This posed the problem that when I exported the website the second level “Home” was no longer assigned to my index.html file.Noted0.6
The Exporting to a website feature put some sort of reference number in front of the name of the media file which I added to the page. So instead of V_A_56k.wmv, it became 22_V_A_wmv. Consequently the link to it didn’t work from elsewhere within my page, as the file couldn’t be found. When I clicked on the link that the Idevice had made the Windows Media Player complained that the file could not be played. The file played fine when opening it directly from the folder.Noted0.6
The ability to edit a stylesheetNoted0.6
To add activities (like eXe's reflection activity) in a popup window from a link in the content pageNoted0.6
Ability to insert and image from the toolbarNoted0.6
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