iDevice Editor improvements

iDevice editor to consist of four tabs.

  • Description
  • Fields
  • Metadata
  • Preview


Here the user can enter:

  • iDevice name
  • iDevice title (use name if title is not entered)
  • Author
  • Purpose
  • Pedagogical Tip
  • Current emphasis option
  • Selected icon name


  • Need to distinquish between user created iDevices and eXe builtin iDevices.
  • eXe builtin iDevices can not be edited.
  • Purpose and Pedagogical Tip to be boxed together.
  • FCK to be minimized here.


  • eXe has a predetermined icon set for each available style.
  • The user can view all the icon sets and select the icon to use
    • tick by icon if it is already assigned to an iDevice (on this system, at this time).


  • Table of fields which make up the iDevice
  • Each row would have
    • Field name
    • Field type
    • Link to edit instructions for completion
      • FCK to be minimized here.

Possible field types

  • text line
  • text box
  • image
  • response
  • radiobutton
  • internal link action


generic name/value pairs, could include:

  • author
  • organisation
  • keywords/tags
  • date created
  • language
  • intended audience
  • classification of iDevice under different classification frameworks (or is this better listed under the Description tab?) - see GreenPapers/iDeviceTree


  • provides a preview of the iDevice
  • NOT NEEDED????


Could use this as an example of how to improve: -- BrentSimpson DateTime(2006-02-21T09:25:17Z)?

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