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Jeroen Meij
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Open Source en standaarden in het Onderwijs

The specs of the dutch application profile of IEEE LOM contain the following main rules:

  • For all IEEE LOM elements we use the IMS binding located at:
  • All LOM elements are allowed
  • Some LOM elements are manditory (see the attached tabel)
  • All vocabulary types should be "vdex-enabled" and support the default LOM vocabulary. This means that the source part of a vocabulary type can either contain the value LOMv1.0 or a URI to a VDEX file containing the appropriate vocabulary. (some vocabulary types should use the Dutch vocabulary, see the attached tabel)
  • For some elements we use standerdized notations (e.g. date, duration, version and format) this follows the suggestions made in IEEE LOM with the exception of the field version (see the attached tabel)
  • We suggest that applications throw a warning when exceeding the named minimum allowed maximum
  • Furthermore the packages should follow some additional constraints in order to enhance interoperability between different learning environments. examples are:
    • all files in the package should be referred to in the manifest file
    • if you use ADL SCORM CP 1.2 the metadatafile should be a loose file inside the package and not embedded xml inside the manifest
    • avoid capitalized or camelcase filenames (this could cause a problem using some FTP programs)
    • if you use ADL SCORM CP 1.2 there should be at least one resource of type "sco"

These should be all (additional) rules we use. I might have missed one or two, but if you sent us some test results, we are able to test them and provide you with additional directions. I hope this will help you make the desired plug-in. If you need more information or have lingering questions don't hasitate to ask!

IRC 2007-07-12

22:10:41  *** JeroenM has joined #exe
22:12:54  <JeroenM> hi! is anyone still here at this hour?
22:14:16  <jimt> Hi JeroenM.
22:14:42  <JeroenM> Hi, are you developing with Brent?
22:15:03  <jimt> Yes.
22:15:59  <jimt> Are you from the Netherlands?
22:16:11  <JeroenM> In half an hour os so, I'll bet talking to Kennisnet Ict op School here in Holland about the modifications for the dutch metdata profile
22:16:29  <jimt> Ah.  Yes.  I thought you might be that Jeroen.
22:16:57  <JeroenM> How is the general feeling about that on your side?
22:17:34  <JeroenM> the project I mean
22:17:49  <jimt> We think it can be done fairly straightforwardly.  But we were wondering about the some of the "enforcing" parts of the interface.
22:18:16  <jimt> We do not currently "enforce" the format of many of the fields.
22:18:32  <jimt> Your proposal suggested VDEX enabling fields, which is something we have not done.
22:19:04  <JeroenM> Have you got the time to do it any time soon? let me get back on the enforcing bit, I thnink some checks should be made..
22:20:54  <jimt> We are trying to wrap up "Version 1.0" in the next month.  We will have more time after that.
22:21:32  <jimt> Right now we are concentrating on improving the stability of eXe and making the user interface more consistent.
22:21:43  <JeroenM> would that mean starting in september?
22:22:17  <jimt> Yes.  mid-August or later.
22:22:31  <jimt> Goal is to have 1.0 by first half of August.
22:23:37  <JeroenM> If you provide me with some planning with several stages of deliverables, they will probably be prepared to pay after each step
22:24:59  <jimt> Ok.  I can not do that until next week when the project director returns.
22:25:57  <JeroenM> That's ok, but at least I can tell them a planning is on its way, and give some perspective on when it will be ready.
22:26:17  <jimt> I did speak with Sandy Britain about the recent email exchange, and he is aware of the project.
22:26:47  <jimt> Just need to finalize the schedule with him to make sure it does not conflict with any of the other things he would like to do after the 1.0 release.
22:28:05  <JeroenM> I will be getting into trouble if things do not advance soon. I fear they might take away the reserved funds for lack of results. so please do your upmost
22:29:17  <JeroenM> Really a lot of people using reload want to switch to exe-only here in holland !
22:29:44  <jimt> Ok.  I think we thought we were waiting for a reply from you... and you thought you were waiting for us.
22:30:22  <JeroenM> apparently so!
22:31:00  <jimt> I will talk with Sandy Britain when he returns next week.
22:31:05  <jimt> Sorry for the delay(s).
22:32:09  <JeroenM> OK, that would be very nice. I'll talk to them about paying in steps, upfront will not be possible I fear, since they are bound by all kinds of semi-government regulations
22:32:32  <jimt> Ok.  I will explain that.
22:33:29  <JeroenM> Ok, well I've got to run to get there in time. I'll let you know the outcome of the talk
22:33:43  <JeroenM> do I have your email?
22:33:51  <jimt> [email protected]
22:34:07  <jimt> Sandy is [email protected]
22:34:25  <JeroenM> ok Jim, nice talking to you!
22:34:28  <mr-x> New news from exe1tickets: #916: CSS style sets need more icons <>
22:34:46  <jimt> Ok.  Nice to chat with you Jeroen.
22:35:04  <JeroenM> bye, later!
22:40:27  *** JeroenM has quit IRC

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