Meeting Agenda/Notes?

28/11/06 AGENDA

  • Auto testing status
  • Fedora release update
  • Ubuntu release update
  • Cathy's research project
  • virus attack

Weekly catchup


  • TEC funding
  • Brent to send stuff to Sandy


  • Dogtail and give up on egg plant


test script backing up changes uncertain needs testing seems unstable. - restoring from backup. need process for how to make server run. Webfarm backup not likely can't currently do full restore from backup yet. Suggestion to backup full hard drive MS - config files, user share maybe not all JT. Possibly go back to webfarm to do this BS


Peru conference spoke to ed professionals who are looking for way to author content into moodle - some excitement being generated. Trying to get some developers to do translations. Moodle Moot proper on Saturday. Getting press on moodle at the moment. New moodle has broken scorm implemnentation. BS.Moodle 1.7 is different with interesting features. BS.


Website, blog, survey. May look at putting old survey up but check relevance before putting it up. Registering currently a bit pointless may need to be changed to take a survey.


multi select idevice, SCORM 2004 export but needs to be tested. May be tricky to test - can't get the adl test suite to run. BS. if we release with scorm 2004 need to check its quite compliant BS. Save file saving and saving session on close.

Jim - releasing earlier, recent projects, multi-select. no further progress on automating releases.

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