• Per User application data for exe.conf and idevices

Image handling


  • True/False? iDevice - priority {2} (./)
  • Replace FCKEditor with Midas?????? - priority 4
  • Multimedia iDevice -- priority {1} (./)
  • Heading "iDevice" ??? (Depending on available coding time) as suggested under format idevice in Issue #70. This would be used to generate internal page navigation of long pages - priority {2}
  • Ability to package objects with an eXe SCO, for example a pdf with embedded link to the document by creating a new "iDevice" for this purpose??? - priority {3}

iDevice classification tree

  • Assuming the team can find consensus on a classification framework for iDevices, would we be able to implement an iDevice tree as suggest in Issue #70?


  • Research PyXPCOM - priority {1}
    • Get PyXPCOM compiling / running
  • Decide if we're going to change eXe to PyXPCOM
    • if not what then? if so what's the plan for conversion?
  • Find a solution which will let us run Firefox and eXe at the same time


  • Update - ongoing priority {2}
  • Class diagram update

iDevice Editor

  • Fix bugs - <<< priority {2} (./)
  • Edit / Delete user created iDevices
  • List user created iDevices separately from "standard" iDevices (WGM - Do we want to list these separately - or use a diffent colour or some other identifier to distinguish user created iDevices? - see thoughts about iDevice classification framework in Issue # 70)


  • Fix bugs - ongoing priority {2}
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