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eXe Retreat

The eXe team regroups and recontextualises at the Waiheke Island Resort.

Waiheke Island: Nov 9-10, 2006.

Possible Agenda Items

eXe II

  • architecture evaluation

eXe current

Feature Additions


  • JavaScript, Styles & CSS, Python functions, (eXe II code? lessons, etc...)
  • XML file format? ... see: XML_File_Format

Future Directions/Features?

  • Increased SCORM functionality (research, implementation)
  • Possible APIs and conduits for adding open content resources into eXe (CC Flickr pics, Wikieducator, Wikiversity, Creative Commons, see this: as well, etc..)
  • Glossary (with or without autolinking)
  • more collaborative authoring possibilities (see: CollaborativeAuthoring)
  • Possible closer integration with Moodle (see: Brent/eXe_excursions/Moodle_Discussion_Forum_iDevice, eXe_and_the_power_of_interoperable_discussion_forums, MoodlePrototype, )
  • LAMS proposal
  • Working with Mediawiki & WikiEducator
  • Atom publishing protocol (research), publishing to blogs (significant for PLEs, Elgg,...)
  • Improved translation tool, maintenance, documentation, and facilitation, etc... write something ourselves? Matiu had this idea at one point. XUL app?
  • User numbers, profiles, user community development (see: SkillsDevelopment) and better reporting for funding.
  • Open Source Community - higher profile, Python, eLearning, XUL/Mozilla,
  • Source code distribution / Developer Community
  • Education community - Sakai, other LMS systems (Ilias, Claroline, Interact)
  • Testing
    • automated testing
    • equipment? To test install on clean machine
    • more robust testing strategy
  • Sustainability Report (Brent/eXe_excursions/OpenUniversityConferenceNotes)
  • Continued Funding
  • What happens when we're all out of a job?
  • What kind of wine goes best with pizza?

Wild Future Speculations

  • We model ourselves as a Centre for Innovation and Research in Open Source in Education (CIROSE) (of the liver) :-) or something like that.
  • services/consultation/development for NZ schools: wikis, eXe, Moodle, Elgg. Installation, support, development, advocacy, training, etc...
  • we become an essentially more sector driven and differentiated Catalyst style company (think more off the Elgg, Moodle, Drupal fusion company -- name - more research oriented, innovation driven, collaborative and international. Forge relations w. Australian Tafes, US sources? European? other funding ops, based on eXe reputation.
  • see this issue raised with Elgg:


TaskPrioritization? - for eXe 1.0

Priorities for 0.19?

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